St Johns East Malvern

Finch Street Community Fund

The Finch Street Community Fund was established  in 2020 by the Anglican Parish of Saint John’s Finch Street with Saint Agnes’ Glen Huntly as a response to the immediate and long-term economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic with an initial priority to receive donations and distribute material and financial aid to those in distress or hardship with a preference for those in our local community. Throughout the Pandemic it raised over $22,000 and directly assisted around 55 individuals and families through cash grants, payment of bills and services and other in-kind support.

Going forward, however, the Fund is able to have a wider application as a means to resource our ongoing outreach projects such as the St Jack’s Place lunches each Friday at Saint John’s Finch Street, the Saint Agnes’ Winter Shelter for those experiencing homelessness, our Bubup Playgroup as well as other outreach initiatives for the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering,  and other direct benevolent assistance.

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