St Johns East Malvern

Parish Life

Saint John’s is home to a community where the best of Anglican tradition embraces innovation and open-minded conversation. We are a community where all are welcomed, beliefs are put into action, and people are encouraged to seek God and to grow in spirituality. It is a place where those from many backgrounds and traditions come to learn, seek solace, converse, and celebrate.

Our programs serve the needs of a diverse community. We offer practical responses to those in need, creative programs for youth and families, and wonderful arts and cultural performances.

If you are thinking of making Saint John’s your spiritual home, come and meet others in the community, and those involved with our many ministries, at our next newcomers gathering. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

All aspects of our Parish life are enhanced by the contributions of volunteers. Contact The Vicar on 0431 308 703 for further information on how you can become involved in Saint John’s parish life and our many community programs.