St Johns East Malvern


Saint John’s is a vibrant forum for education, the arts, culture and public discourse. It is a place to gather in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, to share inspiring worship, and grow in spirituality.

Upcoming Programs

Saint John’s holds regular study and practice programs that encourage an exploration of Christian spirituality and its relevance in today’s fast changing and often chaotic world. Programs focus on assimilating contemplative practices into daily life, the practice of meditation, concepts of Christian spirituality, journalling, prayer, solitude, fasting, and contemplative Bible study. Please contact the Parish for details of our current and upcoming educational programs.

Recent Programs

Teaching Meditation to Children

Saint John’s recently presented a course for parents and teachers on Teaching Meditation to Children, based on a very successful program trialed over recent years in the Catholic school system in Queensland. Contact the Parish office details of the 2012 program.

The Inner Lives of Children

Saint John;s organised a four-week series for parents and educators on encouraging the spirituality of children. Sessions include The Spirituality of Parenting, Nurturing the Spiritual and Moral Awareness of Children, The Spiritual Moorings of Children and Adults, and the Spiritual Development of Children.

Lenten Icon School

The Icons of the Orthodox Church are often described as a window into prayer. In a series of practical classes, Bishop John Bayton introduced participants to basic icon writing skills and helped reveal the spiritual richness of Eastern iconography.

Contemplative Christianity: Exploring Christian Mysticism

At the heart of Christianity is a rich contemplative and mystical tradition. In Saint Winter series of lectures, participants were introduced to a range of Christian spiritual contemplatives and mystics, including: The Desert Fathers, The Cloud of Unknowing, Theresa of Avila, Simone Weil, Saint John of the Cross, and Therese of Lisieux. Lecturers presented by Christina Fox.

Parish Mission