St Johns East Malvern

Visual Arts

Saint John’s is a parish that celebrates the visual arts. We are graced by a number of talented artists who contribute to our community and whose work enhances our worship space. Regular activities include painting and drawing classes for young people and adults, an educational program, and exhibitions.

Recent Activities

In recent years, Saint John’s has presented a series of training, education, and art classes, with the aim of promoting the development, production, and appreciation of the visual arts in our community. Activities have included:

The Saint John’s Foundation

Saint John’s actively promotes the development and appreciation of the visual arts in the Stonnington community and has established a tax-deductible fund to further its work in this area. The Saint John’s Foundation offers supporters the opportunity to help nourish and extend these programs. Please visit the Foundation page on this website for information on how to support this work and partner in our mission.

Geoff Dupree