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Belltower Gang

Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of church – sharing celebrations with parents, grandparents, siblings and friends – even Youth Group doesn’t seem so bad from a distance!

Creating a similarly enjoyable environment for children and families is a priority at Saint John’s. We offer a wide variety of activities for youth and young children, including

Kids @ Church Services

A special Kids @ Church service for young children and families is held at 11.00am on the first Sunday of each month, except January.  The language of the service is simplified to help small children understand the intent of the prayers and to encourage their involvement. The music is also is easily remembered, so that young ones can join in without reading, and we share a Godly Play story instead of more formal teaching. The whole service is concluded within 40-45 minutes and is held in the Chapel.

Eagle Club

Eagle Club aims to prepare children to join in the life and worship of the congregation as they develop a deeper understanding of the stories, symbols, and rites of the Church. Using Godly Play storytelling to encourage wondering questions and to connect with personal experience, children are invited to explore the faith and traditions of the Christian community. Eagle Club meets every 3rd Sunday morning at 9.30am in the Bell Tower during term time.

Bubup Playgroup

Bubup Playgroup is an informal session where children, babies, Bubup Playgroup is an informal session where children, babies, preschoolers, mums, dads, grandparents, and carers stay and meet together in a relaxed environment. Regular activities include music and singing, imaginative play, outdoor and free play, art and craft activities. Bubup Playgroup meets each Tuesday between 10.00am-12.00pm in Saint John’s Parish Hall at the rear of 5 Finch Street, East Malvern. Call Leona Georgakis on 0438 896 322 for further information.

Painting Workshops

Young people at Saint John’s regularly join in painting workshops to help decorate the Church before major services or special events. Participants are guided through storytelling to engage imaginatively with the theme of workshop, and with the help of experienced teachers, to transpose their responses to paper. Saint John’s children have recently painted Stations of the Cross for the Church, sets for the Christmas Crib service, and a lively series of works for our Spring Mission.

Special Services

A series of special services for children and families regularly mark the Saint John’s calendar, culminating in the Christmas Crib Service where up to 600 attend. Other highlights include the Palm Sunday street procession, with pony rides and joyous music, and the Saint Francis Day Blessing of the Pets. The website provides details of upcoming activities or you can contact the Parish Office to be placed on the mailing list.

Parenting Classes and Educational Programs

Saint John’s seeks to support families in parenting their children through regular study and practice programs. Upcoming activities include:

The Inner Lives of Children

Saint John’s recently hosted a three-week series for parents and educators on encouraging the spirituality of children. Sessions included The Spirituality of Parenting, The Spiritual Moorings of Children and Adults, and the Spiritual Development of Children. Information on the upcoming publication from the series is available from the Parish Office on 9571 6616.

Workshops in Godly Play

Saint John’s hosts regular Workshops in Godly Play. The Parish recently held ‘A day for Storytelling, Wonder and Art’ presented by Master Storyteller Jeanette Acland. It was a most inspiring day as Jeanette shared her talents and stories with us.

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