St Johns East Malvern

Parish Choir & Scholars

The Saint John’s Choir

The choir of Saint John’s Finch Street is one of the finest Anglican church choirs in Melbourne. Nevertheless, it is distinguished by not being overly professionalised or removed from the life of the community but has a strong ethos of inclusion and development where each member, whether volunteer or scholar, builds up each other musically, socially and pastorally.

The Choral Scholars are fully members of the parish community and contribute to its wider life, including singing for our local Aged Care Homes, fetes and fundraisers, and individually are able to become involved in a number of social outreach opportunities in the parish.

Membership of a liturgical choir can be a thrilling experience. If you are considering joining the Choir, rehearsals are held each Sunday morning at 8.30am, and more frequently before major festivals and events. Please contact Lachlan McDonald on 0488 278 139 or to discuss your involvement and to arrange an audition.

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